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The current health care climate calls for a marriage between medicine and creativity. The good ‘ole days of word-of-mouth referrals and a single specialist in a geographic area are slipping away. On the other hand, the need for quality, accessible care is on the rise. Finding creative, cost-effective ways to keep patients streaming through your door, and not the competition’s, doesn’t have to rest on your shoulders alone.

Opulence Medical Consulting does the work for you. We take a look at your practice, philosophy, specialty, and goals and design and implement a marketing plan that will put your name in front of the right patients and referring physicians. You run a business and every business needs targeted marketing!

Did you know that 90% of patients will have their first "interaction" with you online? It may be a local listing, an advertisement, or your website, but more and more patients are hitting “search” before they ever step foot in your lobby. Are you proud of your online presence?

How is your brand holding up through this storm? Brand, you say? Yes. Your practice and the care you provide is a brand. Everything from your logo, advertisements, phone messages, and website to your staff, reputation, patient materials, and office aesthetics tie in to create your brand. Is it favorable? Is it memorable?

What would your colleagues share with me if I asked about you? Do they know what you’re passionate about within your specialty? Do they like to refer to you? What do they think of the care you provide? Do they know who you are? Have you taken the time to meet them? Can you answer these questions in regard to each of them?

If you’ve been feeling like you’re one step behind as ACOs form overnight monopolies and physicians start tweeting and blogging, now is your chance to get one step ahead. 

You don’t want to be behind problems, you want to be in front of them. Let me show you how to be proactive in marketing your practice.

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